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Club Penguin has many, many games that anybody can play and earn coins on.  They are all fun in one way or another, making it so that even non-members, who can't spend their coins, will want to play them.  Most inside rooms have games, along with some outside ones.
Help!  The coffee shop is out of coffee beans!  You need to help!  Bean counters is a fun and challenging game in which you move your penguin with your mouse to try and catch the flying sacks of coffee beans.  The truck, for some reason, seems to contain anvils, fish, and flower pots, which are also thrown out at you, increasing in number each level.  First the anvil in level 2, then the fish in level 3, then the flower pot in level 4.  Your penguin starts out with three lives, however extra lives are sometimes thrown out also.  Each level, the number of coffee bags increases.  Your penguin can hold up to 5 coffee bags at a time, if he/she catches any more, they will crush the penguin.  It is possible to earn up to 1000 coins on this game.  
Mancala is actually a real game in real life, played with marbles and that dish thingy.  Mancala is one of the two player games in Club Penguin, and penguins can also come to watch it.  It is located on the second floor of the coffee shop, the book room.  There is no need to explain how to play it, because the back wall of the book room has instructions.  
Paint-by-letters is actually a game involving typing skills.  It is basically a book where they give you the words in grey and you have to type them out.  Sometimes you need to make a decision, and type either one word or the other when there is a choice.  The picture for each page is built up as you type it.  Each page contains a hidden bonus coin that you can click if you can find it.  At the end of each book, you get awarded in coins. There are currently 3 paint-by-letters books.  They are located in the book room, next to the Penguin Tales series.  
Dj3k, located in the night club, is a game for Dj's!  Anyone wanting to be a DJ can come here and live their dream, mixing music and doing what they please.  In this game, you can bring in your yellow puffle to dance in the background.  Your penguin dances harder and harder as you add more music to it.  Coins are distributed based on how long you mixed music and how much your penguin liked it.  You can buy different tracks to mix music to in the night club catalog.  
Dance Contest, originally introduced in the music jam, was supposed to be a game only for the party, however it was so popular that CP decided to keep it!  It is basically like Dance Dance Revolution, you press down the arrow keys when the arrow on the screen gets to the spot.  Each time, your penguin starts out with a very small crowd and small moves, however as you progress with no mistakes, the crowd grows along with your dance skill (and not to mention the coins).  Your penguin starts getting combos and each time he/she gets to 25, 50, or 100 combos, a screen comes up with Cadence and it says the combo you got.  This slows down the game, sometimes making you lose your combo.  This game offers multiplayer, too.  You can choose your track at the beginning (non-members restricted a lot) and your difficulty level.  If you click Cadence's head, you will get taken to an Expert difficulty level.  Be warned, this level is VERY hard unless you are experienced in the game.  
Thin Ice is supposed to be an old-fashioned arcade game, and it is located in the lounge of the night club.  In this game, your penguin plays as a black puffle on fire to try and make it to the ending square.  After the puffle moves off each square, the ice turns to water and you can no longer go on that square, so you must be careful as to not trap yourself.  Some levels require obtaining keys to unlock the way to the ending square.  A non-member penguin can only go up to level 10.  Sometimes, you will see green transporters, which, if walked over, will take you to the other green transporter.  On the last level, there is a secret to getting a bunch of money bags.  Thin Ice has virtually unlimited lives each game, however each retry takes away from the coin earnings.  It does seem rather odd, that by playing an arcade game, instead of putting money in, you get money instead.  
Astro barrier is the second arcade game in the night club lounge.  This one especially has the sounds and look of an old-fashioned arcade game, although it has no music.  In this game, you do have limited lives, unlike Thin Ice.  The object is to use the space bar to shoot bullets at "astroids" which follow a direct path on the lines.  Once shot, they turn red and cease to move, making it difficult to shoot other ones.  If you press the numbers 1, 2, or 3 on your keyboard at the very beginning, you will be automatically transported to level 10 (if you press the 1) level 20, (if you press the 2) or level 30 (if you press the 3).  Also, once you complete level 30, wait a while and a blue ship will appear.  Shoot it, and you'll be taken to the super hard expert levels.  If you get past level 10, wait 30 seconds and shoot the blue ship.  You'll be taken to the secret levels, which are easier than the expert ones.  
Bits and bolts is the third and newest arcade game in the night club lounge, added when the lounge was remodeled.  In this game, the object is to match together bolts to meet the targeted number.  Sometimes it only lets you use a certain kind of bolt.  It is kind of hard to explain, we recommend that you go to CP yourself and read the instructions.  It is sort of fun, in my opinion, however I do not play it often (it is not my favorite game).  
Puffle roundup is all about herding puffles into the pen in the center of the game so they can be transported to the pet shop.  You basically herd them into the pin with your mouse.  Some are faster than others, the white being the slowest.  If you herd them into the outer barrier of the game screen, they will escape and you can no longer catch that puffle.  It is all based upon the time it takes to herd all puffles into the pin.  This is one of the games that can be played forever without stopping, and it is EXTREMELY quick to get 1000 coins.  Sometimes puffles can get out of the pin, so watch out for that.  Banjo music is the background music for this game.  You get to it by walking to the door in the pet shop titled "employees."  
Puffle launch is the newest game in the Pet Shop, and it was released March 15th, 2011.  Basically, you get to choose from any of your puffles to play with in the game.  In the game, your puffle is launched from cannon to cannon, all the while collecting Puffle-O's, which give you points.  With blue cannons, they shoot automatically.  With green, they move usually in a square circle, and you can press the spacebar when you want to be launched.  Checkered cannons are checkpoints, meaning that if you fall off, you can start there rather than at the beginning.  With purple cannons, you can use the arrow keys to aim your puffle.  Balloons are used to bounce on to stay in the air, as are fans (which hover your puffle, but they usually move).  If you puffle hits a floating object such as a cactus or piano, they are sent flying very fast in a random direction, increasing the risk of falling down.  If you collect a certain amount of Puffle-O's, you get a free cannon that can be put in your igloo to play puffle launch from there.
Pizzatron 3000:
The Pizzatron 3000, located in the kitchen of the pizza shop, was invented by Gary the Gadget Guy.  It is the system for making pizzas fast to meet the customers needs.  The menu at the top shows you exactly what to put on the pizza and how much of that.  If you get many done right in a row, you start earning tips.  The pizzas move along a conveyor belt that speeds up, so if you don't get it done right, it comes back and you have to start that pizza again.  There is also a candy level of pizzatron 3000, in which you make candy pizzas instead.  This can be played by clicking the switch at the beginning menu that is on the machine.
Catchin' Waves, which can be found at the Cove, is a game for surfer dudes!  It has 4 options in which you can play: Tutorial or surf lesson(a computer mouse shows you how to play), Freestyle(do what you want), Competition (judges tell you what to perform and give you a score), and Survival (go surfing on the longest wave ever during a storm.  Watch out for icebergs!)  Basically, you move your mouse up and down to keep your penguin going on the wave.  You earn coins by doing tricks, such as jumping in the air, flipping, shooting the tube (staying close to the wave tube) and doing various combinations of the arrow keys, which allow you to perform certain tricks on the board.  You get 2 boards.  When you come off balance, try clicking and holding the mouse.  You can crash by jumping and landing on the tube, going too far into the tube, or going too far down.  A penguin on a jet pack will pick you up and get you going again.
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