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I decided to add a list/picture/description of every room ever on Club Penguin.  Here you can find out all the info you need if you are a new penguin to Club Penguin, want to join, or are just looking for something to read.  This took quite a while to put together, and thus, I present the finished project.
The town center is the main place for culture and socializing in Club Penguin.  It is a popular spot to come and advertise your cool igloo design, if you are looking to start a party, meet new friends (as the Club Penguin slogan says) and, of course, if you are looking to enter any of the three buildings, you can do that as well.  The town was the original place in Club Penguin, the only place, actually.  But don't let me get into that: check "Club Penguin History" for the full story of CP's origins.  Anyway, the town contains the Coffee shop, the Night Club, and the Gift Shop, along with two tables outside the coffee shop.  You can see a far off view of the ice rink and sledding hill to the right and left.
The Coffee shop, shown above, is the place to, I'd say, drink some coffee and catch up on the news.  It is a laid back place with reggae style music and the game "Bean Counters," which is shown as two Java bags lying behind the counter.  Penguins can come here to work, by putting on the green coffee apron and dancing, which makes them serve coffee, or sit down on the couches and talk.  By clicking the board that says "Coffee and Croissant" you can change it to "Tea and Scones."  The coffee shop usually gets decorated whenever theres a party going on.  This also contains the stairs that lead up to the book room, the upper part of the coffee shop.
 The book room is the upper floor of the coffee shop.  It contains the same music as the coffee shop.  One can come up here to play the two-player game, manacala, with a friend, read an original Club Penguin story or Rockhopper's journal, or play the "Paint-by-letters" book.  Each book is published under the name "Snowball Press."  The picture above is an old one, back when the right wall did not have "Penguin Art."  If you click on the "Penguin Art" wall, you will be taken to a menu to view 10 original pieces done by fans of CP.  The book room contains a purple piece of modern art, which is available to buy in the Igloo catalog every few months, as well as two couches, three lamps, and an armchair, along with several plants.

The random penguin in it is not me... I have no idea who it is.  Anyway, the Night Club of Club Penguin is the place to be!  It is the place where penguins from all over the island come to dance and compete against each other in dance offs, plus have a chance to be a DJ!  The multi-colored and psychedelic dance floor puts you in the groove, as does the dance music.  The night club has one speaker that is a fake and opens, leading down into the boiler room of CP.  It also contains the staircase to get up to the lounge.  At the Club, you can purchase CD tracks to DJ with (if you are a member).  

The lounge is where people come to relax after a time of dancing, and play some good old-fashioned arcade games!  Here you can look down through the glass at the penguins dancing below, sit at a table and chill with some pizza, play an arcade game (Thin Ice, Astro Barrier, and the newest one, Bits and Bolts)  or hit targets.  This was newly remodeled VERY recently, so the old one is still stuck in my head.  One arcade game is unplugged for some reason.
The boiler room is the heat source for all of CP.  It contains the boiler (of course) some filing cabinets (one of which contains the latest 6 issues of the Penguin Times) a bulletin board, and some boxes.  It is basically behind the scenes, as it is not decorated pretty or anything. Also, some strange liquid is seemed to alway be spilled at the foot of the boiler.  Penguins can ascend back up to the night club by climbing the ladder.
The photo above shows the catalog "Big Wigs" above Penguin Style.  This catalog was discontinued after a while, when it was integrated into the Penguin Times like we know today.  Anyway, the Gift Shop is the heart of culture and fashion in CP, being the only place where you can pick up the latest designs and fashions and fads.  It includes three changing rooms, and if your penguin walks over any of them, the screen will immediately be taken to the Penguin Style catalog.  Each month, new styles are put out, as well as old ones put on clearance.  Coins come and go here, as penguins spend it all to look fabulous.  The gift shop is rarely decorated for parties.
Again, random penguin standing there, not associated with me.  No idea who he is.  But he has the newspaper hat, like me, so he must be old.  ANYWAY, the snowforts were both built by Gary the Gadget Guy, or G.  Penguins waddle on down here when they want to have snowball fights against each other.  They can also throw snowballs at the red target on the clock tower, which shows time in PST (Penguin Standard Time) and was built by G.  You can see, in the PSA code, at the bottom of the tower, it says "By G."  You can see the Ice rink from the snowforts.
I just couldn't find a decent sized picture of the NEW ice rink.  This is the old one.  It got re-modeled a while ago.  Anyway, the principles are still the same.  This is the place for sports fanatics and hockey players.  Once you step onto the ice, you go abnormally fast, as if you were sliding on... well, ice.  You can move the puck by walking at it, and try to get it into the goals.  The new one has many stores and things around, so penguins can work there.  The spectators usually sit in the bleachers.  Since the Sports Shop got destroyed, the Snow and Sports catalog is now on display here.  The ice rink is the main place for the paint-by-letters book, burnt out bulbs.
The plaza contains the most portals to different rooms than any other room... I think.  You can go into the snow forts, the forest, the pool, the pet shop, the stage, and the pizza parlor.  The plaza is where one would come to buy puffles, watch a play, or go to CP's only restraunt to eat pizza.  The plaza buildings are raised on a brick pavement, unlike the town.  There is also a drainage area, where a penguin can climb down to swim in the pool.
The pet shop was newly remodeled recently, taking the old style and cute little shop and converting it into the overwhelming thing it is today.  I personally liked the old pet shop better.  Here, penguins come for their pets, which some make a big deal about.  I once met a penguin who said that his puffles were his "the only reason he was on Club Penguin."  Penguins can walk over to the "Adopt a Puffle" pen and be taken to a close up view of all of them, where once can choose to adopt or take the quiz to see which puffle is most like them.  If you are looking to buy furniture for your puffle, you can click the orange catalog at the bottom right of the screen.  You can also play two games... Puffle roundup, which can be played by walking to the door titled "Employees."  To play the newer game, Puffle Launch, you simply walk to the cannon, which is next to the door.
The stage, which features a new play every month, is where penguins come to watch fabulous plays done by penguins or act in them themselves.  It is hard to get a picture of it, since it is constantly changing.  This one is of the play Norman Swarm Has Been Transformed.  The stage was not always there... it was constructed a few years ago between the pizza parlor and pet shop, replacing the two tables that once sat there.  Stage crew can operate the "Switchbox 3000" to make different special effects happen.  If you pull the yellow lever, the yellow puffle, who lives at the stage, will make an appearance.  Penguins can find the script for the current play by clicking the red notebook at the bottom right that says "Script."  Penguins can also buy the costumes needed for the play by clicking "Costume Trunk."
The Pizza parlor is Club Penguin's only restraunt, which only serves pizza or candy pizza.  It has 3 tables, each complete with a candle and two chairs, plus a green table cloth, and has a checkered floor.  There is a stage too with a piano, and the music in the background is classy piano solo.  Penguins dressing up come here all the time to dine out with their ladies.  Here you can play the game Pizzatron 3000, which can be started by walking over to the doorway labeled "Kitchen" with hanging beads.  There is a book on the counter, with nothing written in it.
The forest has virtually nothing to do in it.  It basically just acts as a passageway to other rooms (The Cove, the Mineshack, and the hidden lake).  In the picture above, the passage to the mineshack and hidden lake are not yet added.  Anyway, it is basically just a number of pine trees, and a few rocks (thus the name "the forest.") It can also be a passageway back into the plaza.  The forest was created a few years back when two Jet-Packing penguins got lost here and made a map, which led them through the forest and to the cove.  Penguins had to walk past the tour booth (back then, it was in the plaza) and into the forest, where the steps to the cove were not built yet.
The cove is the place for beach party fun!  Here you can put on a swim suit or rubber duckey and swim (it is the only place where you can actually go IN the water) surf, lifeguard, or sit by the fire and tell stories.  You can also buy surfboards here to use in the surf game.  It was discovered along with the forest.  Some floating ropes keep penguins from swimming too far and getting run over by the ballistic buscuit boat.  You can also look through the binoculars hanging on the lifeguard's chair to see what is going on out at sea.
The Iceberg is hidden on the new CP map (it was on the old one, too).  It is basically a floating block of ice that penguins waddle around on.  You can access the game "Aqua Grabber" by walking on top of the overly engineered submarine.  Penguins try to sink the 'berg often, however this has never been done and can not be done presently.  The CP staff has hinted that it MIGHT be possible in the future.  The iceberg gives a good view of the island of CP (in this photo, for some reason covered by a black cloud).  It has always been a question of how the penguins actually get to the 'berg.  Swim?
The Dojo courtyard was not accessible in the first years of Club Penguin.  In fact, the dojo used to be hidden on the map, just like the iceberg is.  Penguins used to be able to be transported inside of it by clicking a certain spot in the mountains on the old map, but back then it was just a random room.  The courtyard gives view to the other mystical mountains and waterfalls of CP, and is designed with a chinese sort of culture to it. Penguins can access the secret ninja hideout (hidden behind a wall thing) or the dojo itself, which is available to everyone.  The mystical grey sensei created the dojo, and helped dig out the courtyard a few years back.  The red archway now holds a video, where one can spoil the secrets of the ninja on himself, all thanks to Disney.  The two stone puffles look oddly majestic.
The dojo is where penguins from all over come to learn the ancient art... of a card game.  This card game is called card jitsu, and is played on mats with two penguins.  The sensei will appear and disappear in a cloud of smoke if you move your mouse over the cushion.  Penguins can waddle on top of the mats to play card jitsu or go talk to sensei, where they can either ask to play card jitsu, or challenge him to get the black belt and become a ninja.  Once a penguin becomes a ninja, he/she has access to the ninja hideout.  The dojo used  to be a bare stretch of rice paper wall screens, but it was transformed into a card jitsu training center after that.
The ninja hideout is the place for ninjas who have earned their way up to the black belt to hang out, practice card jitsu, enter another dojo, or buy ninja items in the catalog Martial Artworks.  The hideout has no rooftop, and the borders of the bottom floor are water.  There are four gongs hanging from the wall, which can be rung by either clicking on them or throwing a snowball at them.
The fire Dojo is the second newest dojo in club penguin.  It was built when the volcano started to be stoked by all the ninjas to help heat things up.  Ninjas who have bought the sacred amulet of the elements in the Martial Artworks catalog can have access to this dojo.  Penguins can participate in two, three, and four player competitions in Card Jitsu Fire, to earn their fire suit.  Sensei is wearing his fire suit when moused over.  He gives you a fire booster deck once you first talk to him in this dojo.
Again, random penguin up there, NOT me.  The water dojo was created on the waterfall, viewable from the dojo courtyard (see dojo courtyard).  Here, ninjas who are ready to master the element of water can participate in two, three, and four player competitions.  This version of card jitsu is different from regular and fire.  Penguins play the game on the actual waterfall, and can fall off if they do not act quickly enough.  Penguins here are also trying to get their water suits.
This penguin is NOT me again.  I didn't feel like finding an unoccupied server to take a screenshot, anyway.  The mineshack was NOT like this for a VERY long time.  Last Earth Day, Disney decided to add a garden, try, recycle plant, and random statue of Herbert P. Bear, Esquire, for some reason.  Anyway, one can throw snowballs into the funnel at the top of the mineshack and make the garden grow.  They can also enter the mine or recycling plant.  There is not much to say about the outside, except that the garden, vegetable housing, recycling plant, or snowball watering system were not there in the beginning.
Again, not me, didn't want to take screenshot.
This is the recycling plant.  It is an industrial type of place where it is not kept looking good or pretty (even though there are flowers at the door on the outside).  Whenever a penguin throws a snowball in this room, it appears as random old CP items.  Penguins like to throw snowballs into the machine, where it converts them into new and fresh items and ships them off.  This is probably the most environmental friendly place in all of CP.
The mine is the source of the metal used to make coins on CP.  However, to regular citizens, it is a great place to come to earn some coins by surfing down the mine tunnels in a cart!  Serf the metal!  Also, a penguin can enter the "digging for coins" room and the pool from here.  They can also play the game "Puffle Rescue."  The mineshack used to be hidden on the map, however it is in full view now.
The newer addition to the mine, the coin digging room, is where penguins can come to actually mine coins.  They basically wear a hard hat (which can be obtained free at any time in this room... grrr) or a shovel and dance, which then makes you penguin perform the action associated with the item you are wearing/holding.  If you dig long enough, you might find some coins.  You can move to different spots to find more coins, also.  The lights go out frequently, which is VERY annoying, as you have to throw snowballs into the generator to get them to turn back on.  Plus the going from on to off or vice versa causes your com to lag a bit.  You can enter the hidden lake from here, on right, or back into the mine, on left.
The hidden lake is also a new room.  It contains two waterfalls, a ladder up to the forest, part of the lake, and a bunch of buried treasure.  As you can see, the door on the right is open for me, because I obtained the key to it in Puffle Rescue (See "Games") There is basically nothing to do here (other than admire the beauty of it)
This is what the hidden underwater room looks like, and it is actually truly underwater.  You move faster here, just like at the ice rink.  You can obtain the hidden key pin here (which I already have)  Normally fish swim by.  The one I am standing next to is always bobbing there.