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Monday, May 2, 2011

New Field Op!

Hey Penguins!
I'm just posting about the new field op that came out today.  Here's where it is:
It looks like this:
You basically have to match the codes up before they fall all the way down.  It's pretty dumb, actually, I mean how could doing that get you into the EPF central computer?
Anyway: Herbert wrote his message backwards.
It says: To Gary the Gadget Guy.  I have a proposal for you.  The protobot has worn out its welcome.  I might consider a partnership to deal with it.  Keep it between us, and let me know your decision.
Don't know why it's backwards.
Until then,
Waddle on!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

New stamps, Field op, newspaper!

Hey Penguins!
This is just an update about the new stamps for Ice fishing and Pizzatron 3000, the new newspaper, and new field op.
This field of is in the coffee shop by the plant between the two couches:
Your phone, of course, will light up.  Click on it.
The field op this time if to unlock the new class by Dot, the stealth class.
So you have to match the shapes... pretty easy this time, actually.  Then...
"Great work agent!  Not only did you find the micro-computer, but you cracked its password and stayed undercover.  Excellent Stealth skills!
Question: do you have a favorite class?  Think on it.  G will explain more about classes this week."
"And stayed undercover???" what the heck?  They are advertising the elite force on their homepage, no need to pretend its a secret.  Back when Disney didn't own it, it actually still was a secret to some penguins.  Anyway, a new newspaper came out too, about the new party and how G won't be able to attend.
And other stuff  (The 'Ask Aunt Arctic' column questions seem to reflect what's going on in the newspaper now.  What's up with that???)
Also, the new Ice Fishing and Pizzatron stamps came out today!  I went to check them out.
Here are the ones I got so far:

I only got a few, but I'm working on more.  Some of the new stamps are just dumb, though.  They changed the start menu for each game, too.  (blargh to Disney!)
Anyway, that's all I have to say!  Until then...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Penguin of the week

Hey Penguins!
As I said before, I will be taking a random screenshot of a random penguin's player card each week.  If you so happen to come across YOUR picture, leave a comment!  Leave a comment anyway!  I need comments!!
Here it is:
This week it is Ricecrispy03!  Congrats!
She has the same member badge as me.
Anyway, WADDLE ON!


I can do a handstand!!!!! OMG
And I'm really good at lying on the ground then pushing myself up!!!

EPF message page

Hey Penguins!
Since there are so many EPF messages always coming out, doing a blog on each and every one seems like a waste of space.  So, just press the "EPF MESSAGE" button on the blog menu and you can see the latest one, as well as old ones.
The new one for today is posted in that page.  Check back!
Waddle On!!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New EPF message

Hey Penguins!
A new message from Protrobot came out today:
Error.  Probability of Elite Agents calculating attack: 0 percent.  Wheelbot destroyed.  Retreating for now.
So he's retreating!  And wheelbot is destroyed!  That's good.
In other news, when you click on Rockhopper, he looks like this:
A nice looking pirate, right?  (above screenshot taken by me)
Well in the NEWSPAPER, here's what Disney is doing to CP:
Notice the fact that Disney is trying to make CP A FREAKIN BABY GAME!!! He looks like a baby penguin, not a pirate!  And the puffle smiling on his hat does nothing to help the effect.  They rounded his beak too much, also.
Ugh, why?  The game was designed for ages 6-14, and they seemed to have forgotten the 14 part.
Anyway, Until next time!
Waddle on!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Rockhopper! For the second time!

Hey Penguins!
Today, with help from the tracker chats for RH, I met him again, and got his Background this time!  Check out these pics I took:

 I'm the one in the sombrero and poncho
 Rockhopper's player card:

 Rockhopper's smiley looks like this when you go to "users in room."  Under him, it shows a person trying to be Rsnail, a CP moderator.

Another pic of the cluster of penguins when Rockhopper is in a room.
I wonder why people crowd him?  Can't they just stay away so everyone can actually SEE him?
Anyway, just thought I'd share that with you guys.
Until next time,
Waddle on!!


Hey penguins!
This post if for updates on some stuff.  One: To prove to you that I met Rockhopper, here is my stampbook:
As you can see, Rockhopper is the only CP mascot that I have met before.
Also, Here is some pics from a crowded server just after Rockhopper left (not in the room he was in, just around CP.  Basically if he is on, it backs up the whole island.
Being an old penguin, I have the items that Aunt Arctic usually wears:  Here is a picture of me and penguins crowding around me:

And that is the close up picture of me dressed as Aunt Arctic.
Rockhopper was not in this room, however some penguins seemed to think that he was... The cove was full, I only just managed to get in.  can you spot me? (Zjb345)
Also, a new message came out today:
Herbert emphasized the words "brilliant" and "smarter."  I think this is a trick.  But, something I don't understand is that no trees were put out for earth day, but G says he put all "earth day" party trees under survelliance.  Hmmmmm....
Anyway, I emailed CP about my rockhopper background, still waiting for a reply...
Until next time!
Waddle on!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jelly Beans

Hey Penguins!
I recently discovered this new bean counters secret feature.  Its basically like pizzatron 3000 candy pizzas, because you get to catch jelly beans!  Isn't that cool?  I'm pretty sure it rewards you more coins also.
There is a new feature on this one, involving throwing the wrong colored bags back into the truck (gingerbread truck??).  I've always said that I hate that CP now reveals secrets in the news, but that's how I found this one!  I guess it's okay, some of the time...
Basically, at the beginning screen, you click the bottom left corner of the top bag that the penguin is holding.  The jelly beans will spill out, and you click the pile of beans.
It's pretty awesome!
Waddle On!!!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Message

Hey Penguins!
This is just an update about the new message sent out by G.  Here it is:
*Closed message-channel secure*
Hmm... I think Herbert was warning us.  Put all Earth Day Party trees under surveillance.  Be ready.
Be ready?  Does that mean that another field op will be out before the party is over?  I really would like to meet Herbert for real.  Also, I just thought I'd show you how many badges I have:
5 only right now.  Career total 13 though.  I am saving them, because Dot told us to a while ago.  I wonder why?  And, as you can see, I completed the hard snowball field op... which really turned out to be not so hard.  Anyway, just thought I'd update you guys (anyone who reads this).
Waddle on!


Hey guys!  I met rockhopper!  While in a CP website chat, someone said that he was on Crystal in his ship.  I went there, got into the beach (after one try... it was full)  And got into the ship on my first try, even though countless others were trying but not succeeding.  When I got in, I immediately got the stamp, and saw a huge crowd of penguins.  The crowd was so massive, I couldn't click him!  I didn't get his background!  So I'll still be looking for him.
Sorry I didn't get any pictures, I was trying too hard to click him.
Waddle on!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Earth Day Party Begins!

Hey Penguins!
Today marks the start of the earth day party 2011!  Did it start early?  I thought it was supposed to start tomorrow!  Well, anyway, I took some pictures of the decorated rooms.  Here they are:
Rockhopper has arrived!
There are random animal costumes for buy at random places in the island.
The forest is now a pond...
The town....
Another animal catalog...
A free item and a poster/video.  I couldn't get the video to work yet.
And here are the items that Rockhopper brought!  A background, and this time only furniture items!  No clothing items!  Wow!  Anyway, I'll be looking for him throughout this party!  Wish me luck!
NOW I will be showing the locations of all the eggs for the egg hunt (prize is only a background).
The fish egg...
water egg... (each one is circled in each pic)
Star egg...
Mine cart egg...
Light bult egg...
Snowflake egg...
Present egg (shouldn't it be hidden in the gift shop?)
Um.... chinese egg, okay.... it seems all the eggs were mixed up... dojo egg here, mine egg in forest, gift shop egg in mine... yeah.  Anyway, prize...
Yeah, a safari background.  Anyway, a new field op came out today ALSO!
Here's a picture of where:
Just go where I am standing.  It is kind of hard, I haven't been able to complete it yet...
Anyway, I gotta go check my rockhopper tracker!  Until next time!
Waddle On!


Hey Penguins!
Just a quick update on me.  I wanted to show you my current igloo first of all:
As you can see, I have a lot of the rare cactses.  I actually only bought one, but due to a glitch in CP, I was able to obtain more somehow.  Anyway, here is some of my items (circled ones are somewhat rare)
I forgot to circle "newspaper hat."
Yes, the snowflake mask, you don't see that everyday.
The fruit headdress, also an old one (look down at the blog "Disney."  There is a picture of the catalog page that this was sold on!)
I didn't know that the violin was rare until recently, when penguins kept asking me where I got it from.
That's all I have for now, so until then, Waddle on!
P.S. I sent in a few stories that I wrote to fanmail at CP, and they liked them!  They showed them to the team.  
Yay!  Haha.