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Monday, April 25, 2011


Hey penguins!
This post if for updates on some stuff.  One: To prove to you that I met Rockhopper, here is my stampbook:
As you can see, Rockhopper is the only CP mascot that I have met before.
Also, Here is some pics from a crowded server just after Rockhopper left (not in the room he was in, just around CP.  Basically if he is on, it backs up the whole island.
Being an old penguin, I have the items that Aunt Arctic usually wears:  Here is a picture of me and penguins crowding around me:

And that is the close up picture of me dressed as Aunt Arctic.
Rockhopper was not in this room, however some penguins seemed to think that he was... The cove was full, I only just managed to get in.  can you spot me? (Zjb345)
Also, a new message came out today:
Herbert emphasized the words "brilliant" and "smarter."  I think this is a trick.  But, something I don't understand is that no trees were put out for earth day, but G says he put all "earth day" party trees under survelliance.  Hmmmmm....
Anyway, I emailed CP about my rockhopper background, still waiting for a reply...
Until next time!
Waddle on!

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