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Sunday, April 17, 2011


Alright, I know a lot of old penguins are Anti-Disney on Club Penguin.  I am one of those people.  I have nothing against the company Walt Disney, I just think that their purchasing of the site was a terrible idea.

  I am going to start with a few main points.  For example:

The Clothing catalog.  Remember this?
With the famous yellow "Buy" button?  I loved that!  They had a simple coin with the amount by it, the buy button, and a picture of the item (sometimes on a penguin, but sometimes not.  They also sometimes had descriptions)
The new ones have this thing where you can't click anywhere if you click on the clothes you get the buy screen, not just the "tag" which I think is a terrible replacement for the Buy Button.
Also, just look at the penguins up there!  They look fine, don't they?  So why change the way they draw penguins?  Club Penguin rounded their bodies, flippers, and most of all, their beaks.  The penguins now look like babies, and this game was designed for kids 6 to 14.  
Plus, look at this puffle comparison:
Yes, that was old to new.  Notice the new one has rounded hair puffs, and a more rounded eye structure.  It seems that they are trying to make everything more rounded now (safer??)

Anyway, onto my next point.  The EPF.  I hate that place.  So, what went on through their minds?
CP= Idea board
D= Director

CP- Director, I've got an Idea.
D- Hit me.
CP- Well, what if we demolished the PSA with a popcorn explosion!
D- Go on...
CP- Then, this is even better: take away missions!  Haha, everyone will LOVE this!
D- Great!  Keep going, this is gold!
CP- In place of missions, we can put in little puzzles each week!  Because missions are WAY too complicated for our younger players!
D- You need a pay raise!
CP- And we can make a different agency... take away the FISH handbook, and it will be amazing!
D- Let's do it!
So yeah.  I mean, the agency in 2005 was not very good, but the 2007 one was amazing!  Portals to every room, good music and everything!  Now all we've got is the VR room... PLUS it is supposed to be SECRET and they are now advertising it on their homepage...
Which brings me to their homepage.  The other one was better.  That's all I have to say on that.
Catalogs in every room.  Remember when items used to be RARE?  Haha, I loved those days.  Not anymore, with CP bringing back old items each week, letting every one always have the mining helmet, sleds, surf boards, wake boards, all that stuff... At least the beta hat stays true to it's rarity:
 Anyway, the new bean counters is terrible too.  ALSO the new design of the pet shop.  Club Penguin used to be drawn complexly, only it looked simply.  There were tiny details that the artists drew.  NOW, it's the opposite.  Disney makes it LOOK complex, but really its simple.  The new rooms are NOT Club Penguin style of drawing, I can tell you that.  Just like the recycling plant at the mine, and the hidden lake room and digging for coins room.
My last thing for now is the map.  They have made the map so different and I hate it.  For example, the mine and dojo used to be hidden.  Yeah.  not anymore.  Here's what the old map looked like:
The new one looks as follows:
So you can see the difference real easy.
That is all for now.
P.S. Rockhopper is coming!  I am determined to find him this time!
Waddle on!!!

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