I have the last one on my penguin

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hey guys!  This is my new Club Penguin blog, the place for my news, cheats, events, and secrets, along with info on my penguin!  Mine is named zjb345, by the way, so if you ever see him, say hello!
I am an old penguin (I joined early 2006) so I am a high Anti-Disney penguin, and am one of those who believe that Disney took away Club Penguin's very nature.
But, that's for another post.  Enough on that.  First things first: Earth day party is coming up!  Nice!  Should be fun (again, I think that Disney has parties WAY too much now).
Another thing: in the messages last week on the EPF spy phone, Dot hinted to start saving our badges, so I wonder what that's about, but I'm saving my badges alright!
That's all for now, it is only my first blog.

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