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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New EPF message

Hey Penguins!
A new message from Protrobot came out today:
Error.  Probability of Elite Agents calculating attack: 0 percent.  Wheelbot destroyed.  Retreating for now.
So he's retreating!  And wheelbot is destroyed!  That's good.
In other news, when you click on Rockhopper, he looks like this:
A nice looking pirate, right?  (above screenshot taken by me)
Well in the NEWSPAPER, here's what Disney is doing to CP:
Notice the fact that Disney is trying to make CP A FREAKIN BABY GAME!!! He looks like a baby penguin, not a pirate!  And the puffle smiling on his hat does nothing to help the effect.  They rounded his beak too much, also.
Ugh, why?  The game was designed for ages 6-14, and they seemed to have forgotten the 14 part.
Anyway, Until next time!
Waddle on!

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