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Monday, April 18, 2011

Famous Penguins!

Hey Penguins!
I think I'll put up a list of famous penguins to this site right now.  As many of you know, Club Penguin recently added Rookie to their list of famous penguins, and, likewise, he got his own stamp.  He could be found in the box dimension in the April Fools party, but not anymore.
Anyway, we'll start with Rockhopper.
Rockhopper is Club Penguin's only penguin that can actually leave the island for months at a time... He's the only pirate!  He is known to dock with his ship, The Migrator, every two months or so, or when a party is going on.  He can usually be found on the crowded servers with lots of penguins to see him.  Rockhopper owns his own island, Rockhopper Island, where he picked up his pet red puffle, Yarr.  The red puffles sold in the petshop on Club Penguin are imported directly from Rockhopper Island (which doesn't make sense, seeing as they are in the puffle roundup game, where you catch puffles from the wilds of club penguin).

Aunt Arctic is the editor of the Penguin Times newspaper, the free newspaper of Club Penguin.  She is known to only wear her glasses and pink toque.  Aunt Arctic has many puffles, also.  She runs her own advice column in the penguin times called "Ask Aunt Arctic," where penguins can submit questions to her and maybe get them answered.  She makes appearances only at parties.

Gary the Gadget Guy, more commonly referred to as "G" is the main inventor and engineer of Club Penguin.  He is the Gadget Specialist of the EPF and assigns every field op each week.  Although you can meet G in almost every PSA mission, it is not considered actually "meeting" him in person.  G only appears at special parties.  G invented the Clock Tower in the snowforts, the Pizzatron 3000 machine, and it is widely believed that it was he who built the snowforts.  G loves his coffee, as you can see in the picture.  He has very strange glasses, also.

Cadence is the DJ penguin who hosts the game "Dance Contest" in the Night Club.  She is known to be very good at dancing and has excellent taste in music.  Cadence only appears at special parties that involve, well, dancing.  She is always pink.  She is a recent creation of CP, so there is not much to say about her.

Sensei is a mysterious penguin who appeared back when the dojo was being dug out.  He appeared as a penguin digging in the snow, and when clicked on, it would show his name as "?????????"
We now know him to be the master of Card-Jitsu at the dojo and also a master of fire and water.  Sensei is the only penguin on Club Penguin to be grey.  It is said that he built the dojo.  I am not exactly sure when he makes appearances in person (other than sitting on his cloth in the dojo/fire/water hideout).

The Penguin Band, the only official band of Club Penguin, makes appearances every once in a while to perform at parties.  When they are not playing, they can always be seen together, signing autographs and talking to penguins.  The members include Stompin' Bob, Franky, Petey K, and G-Billy.
I have seen them play live once before (although I didn't get a background).

Rookie is the newest member of the famous penguins that make appearances at parties... he is known to only have been seen in the box dimension at the April Fools Day party 2011.  Rookie wears only a propeller cap and glasses in the PSA missions, however to prevent other penguins dressing up like him, CP added a red flowered shirt.  Rookie is known to be very clumsy, forgetful, and mistake-bound.  Rookie is constantly being told-off by G for his mistakes (his biggest so far being letting Herbert go when they had trapped him)/.
So that's all the famous penguins who appear so far!
I hope you liked it!  Make sure to follow this blog and comment!

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