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Thursday, April 28, 2011

New stamps, Field op, newspaper!

Hey Penguins!
This is just an update about the new stamps for Ice fishing and Pizzatron 3000, the new newspaper, and new field op.
This field of is in the coffee shop by the plant between the two couches:
Your phone, of course, will light up.  Click on it.
The field op this time if to unlock the new class by Dot, the stealth class.
So you have to match the shapes... pretty easy this time, actually.  Then...
"Great work agent!  Not only did you find the micro-computer, but you cracked its password and stayed undercover.  Excellent Stealth skills!
Question: do you have a favorite class?  Think on it.  G will explain more about classes this week."
"And stayed undercover???" what the heck?  They are advertising the elite force on their homepage, no need to pretend its a secret.  Back when Disney didn't own it, it actually still was a secret to some penguins.  Anyway, a new newspaper came out too, about the new party and how G won't be able to attend.
And other stuff  (The 'Ask Aunt Arctic' column questions seem to reflect what's going on in the newspaper now.  What's up with that???)
Also, the new Ice Fishing and Pizzatron stamps came out today!  I went to check them out.
Here are the ones I got so far:

I only got a few, but I'm working on more.  Some of the new stamps are just dumb, though.  They changed the start menu for each game, too.  (blargh to Disney!)
Anyway, that's all I have to say!  Until then...

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