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Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Message

Hey Penguins!
This is just an update about the new message sent out by G.  Here it is:
*Closed message-channel secure*
Hmm... I think Herbert was warning us.  Put all Earth Day Party trees under surveillance.  Be ready.
Be ready?  Does that mean that another field op will be out before the party is over?  I really would like to meet Herbert for real.  Also, I just thought I'd show you how many badges I have:
5 only right now.  Career total 13 though.  I am saving them, because Dot told us to a while ago.  I wonder why?  And, as you can see, I completed the hard snowball field op... which really turned out to be not so hard.  Anyway, just thought I'd update you guys (anyone who reads this).
Waddle on!

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