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Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Hey Penguins!
Just a quick update on me.  I wanted to show you my current igloo first of all:
As you can see, I have a lot of the rare cactses.  I actually only bought one, but due to a glitch in CP, I was able to obtain more somehow.  Anyway, here is some of my items (circled ones are somewhat rare)
I forgot to circle "newspaper hat."
Yes, the snowflake mask, you don't see that everyday.
The fruit headdress, also an old one (look down at the blog "Disney."  There is a picture of the catalog page that this was sold on!)
I didn't know that the violin was rare until recently, when penguins kept asking me where I got it from.
That's all I have for now, so until then, Waddle on!
P.S. I sent in a few stories that I wrote to fanmail at CP, and they liked them!  They showed them to the team.  
Yay!  Haha.

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