I have the last one on my penguin

Zjb345 (My Penguin)

My penguin's name is Zjb345.  If you spot me waddling around Club Penguin, make sure to say Hi!
Here's what I typically look like: (although I will change my look once in a while)

My background and number of coins/stamps have changed.  Anyway...
My penguin was created in 2006, which is considered pretty rare.  You can see up there on my player card my first stamp, the UP box pin.  You can also see that I have a star on my membership badge, meaning that I am old.  According to a random CP website I found, my first pin has a rarity of 7.5 out of 10.
Here are some of my rarer items:

The violin is not that rare, but many people have asked where I got it lately.
My igloo currently looks like this:
I have more puffles now, as well as a few more decorations that were put into it since that photo was taken.  I have 16 puffles (I did it just to get the stamp).  I have met Rockhopper before:
And I can also make myself look exactly like Aunt Arctic!  Look!
It's pretty cool.  I've never met any other famous penguins other than RH.  I will attempt to though, as new parties come and go.
I currently have 101 stamps.
I am a high Disney-Killed-Club-Penguin activist.  I have nothing at all against the company Disney, however I dislike their new developments to it... (read more in my post "Disney").
My sister's penguin is named Cab3399.  She never goes on anymore, though.
UPDATE: July 10th, 2011
I have made a new igloo.  It looks like this:
Yeah, I kinda got into the halloween spirit a little bit early.  Or a lot early... If only they had Halloween music out right now, that would be awesome!